Business Process Assessment Services

PCS Group prefers to focus on core competencies skill to gain and maintain leadership.

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In today’s cutthroat competition, managing the customer related business processes and assessing the services effectively and profitably has become a challenge for any organization.

From context to core

PCS Group focuses more on core than context. Taking the advantage of its years long experience, PCS Group with its deep knowledge about the industry and broad service capabilities help the clients with valuable resources and strategic alliances.

With the help of proven tools and integrated software technologies, the offered services get automated and help in increasing the productivity. It involves the evaluation of each and every aspect of call and pinpoints the areas for improvement. The company works with a goal to maintain the highest quality interactions with the clients.

Quality, not an act, a habit

Quality is the core of company and the company is committed for provide best possible services. In order to review it, a well managed quality assessment services are needed. PCS Group operates with tried and tested methods and further integrates them with the client’s criteria which includes judging the agents’ performance along with projecting the future prospects. In simpler terms, the company provides white-glove experience to the customers which in turn makes them more satisfied and plays a prominent role in generating revenues.

Satisfaction more than surety

The company assures that clients are having quality interaction with the agents. To bring it in real, the company has conducted a series of post-contact assessments which includes ‘Yes-No’ questionnaires along with other standardized-types questions. Greeting is the first thing which has been noticed while assessing. How agents greet their clients matters a lot and plays an important role in assessment. Next would be the presentation skills of agents followed by call management. The last but very important thing that falls under the category of assessment is call closing.

Along with assessing the skills of agents, the result also helps in finding the room for improvement and how these improvements can be attained according to set standards.

Analysis of assessment

After assessing the quality, analysis has been done by management staff. Evaluators check that agents are following the set standards and following the script at an anticipated level. They are interacting with the customers in a right way while retaining the level of control and comfort which is allowing them to provide best services.

After gathering data, a final analysis has been done to match client’s requirements with agent’s instructions. Quality interaction among client, agent and manager keeps everyone in a loop and depicts a better picture.

Quality is the key which creates true loyal customers that shows the way to repeated orders and more revenues.