Contact Center Services

PCS Group firmly believes that ‘Customer is the King’.

PCS Professional Services Practice Center (PSPC)

It is the hub of company wherein both outsourced and internally operated contact centers works. The company has a fully professional approach to manage inbound as well as outbound customer interactions through telephone, internet text chat, email and fax. With the help of these mediums, customers can reach out to company without much ado.

PCS Group aims to achieve competitive advantage in customer contact center services with the help of improved and optimized services, qualities and cost equations. These factors together facilitate the trade off business while making investment decisions in their contact center operations.

Practice classroom mock calls session

In the pilot run, practice sessions are conducted through mock calls before the agents start taking calls. The process is applicable in each client’s case and for every different process.

Pilot Run

In order to be tuned with requirements, pilot run has been conducted for a limited number of seats having predefined test parameters. The duration depends solely on the processes involved. Complex the activity, more would be duration of pilot run.

Such activities are conducted to develop more understanding between client and company to ensure the expected level of satisfaction.

Service Commitment

PCS Group is committed to provide best in class services. For we believe, we cannot go wrong. Call it our confidence or blind faith in our systems, fact is that we provide you quality control at every level. The service levels are mutually agreed and it varies from client to client and campaign to campaign.

Commitment TQM

PCS Total Quality Management, Third party customer service providers who look forward to constantly meet the ever-increasing requirements, PCS TQM assess the current performance of the organization in comparison to high performing companies. In total, feedback is provided on both fronts which are competitive advantages and potential disadvantages.

Following factors play a major role in operating the business effectively:-

Powerful Visual Builder

No two businesses are same and so does the processes. No two processes can be the same in a business. That is why the company has no plug and play solution to offer.

In a multi channel marketing strategies, PCS Group makes sure that right messages are getting delivered to the clients at the right time through right channels. A team of consultants from different departments such as technical, operations, quality control and trainers maintains healthy relationship with clients and gain a complete understanding regarding their requirements before implementing them. The team works out a set of documents outlined.

The company maintains the highest level of transparency and keeps the clients informed about the operations involved. Going by this trend, the company conducts a pilot run for each client. It is simply a concise version of the actual process

Diverse Navigation Possibilities

PCS Group understands that no matter what processes are involved, the thing is always about getting the things right at the first place. The people at work knows how to deal with the problems and capable of handling the issues. The company makes sure that clients are comfortable with different processes and agents are managing and avoiding the situation as and when required.

Training is of great importance for PCS Group. The company understands the fact that agents and supervisors are the ones who would be responsible for dealing various things. Considering this fact, an intensive process specific training is conducted at the start of every campaign which is meant for agents, supervisors, quality team and technical team and set the level as per world’s standards.

In the process of training, the training department, technology group and quality control group together has a role to play. They together train agents as per specific client process. The company has also worked out an arrangement in which agents get trained on a specific internal work process of the targeted company. It helps in upgrading the skills of people while working with different companies in different processes. Through these processes, the agents get to know about screens and scripts as well as increase the familiarity with physical business transaction which happens at US. It makes them more clear and comfortable in answering the queries related to the process.