Managed Infrastructure Services

PCS Group manages infrastructure services by providing customizable services to the clients

When clients and customers are continuously accessing the services,

the company needs to be updated with each of its offered domain.

But managing and monitoring the services is not an easy task. In order to keep pace with it, PCS Group, with its beneficiary experience in the call center market which has moved to next generation customer interaction management center, has come up with new technological solutions.

Managing the services can be complicated, ;costly, ; time consuming

With a succinct goal to serve and with the help of enough resources and expertise to deliver time-tested services, PCS Group manages infrastructure services by providing customizable services to the clients. The company meets the needs with our call center managed infrastructure solution that handles all types of multimedia customer interactions.

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Electric Generator Back Up

Having a deep understanding of the importance of power which is being distributed through the transformer, PCS Group has a strong power back up facility which is also the backbone of business operations. This facility has been supported by two generators of 320 KVA and 380 KVA. On the sharing basis these two generators provide backing to each other as and when required. With the help of these backups, the company assures 100 per cent power availability to the clients.

The company makes sure that the generators are undergoing maintenance on a regular basis while maintaining the strict schedule. Following the guidelines of the company, the schedules have been maintained regularly for better performance and better age of machines. The scheduled maintenance of the same is carried out with a prior intimation to all the clients.

Uninterrupted Power Back Up

The company has a reputation of providing uninterrupted power back up facility to the clients. The technical infrastructure is backed up by two 80 KVA GE Digital UPS which are available on a shared basis. The AMC of the same lies with the authorized service center of GE with turnaround time of two hours. In the last one year, no case of machine failure has been reported on any occasion. Also, the clients have been given prior notice regarding scheduled maintenance.

Air Conditioned Atmosphere

The floor is centrally air conditioned with split units in order to save electricity. The company pays regular attention to the servicing of ACs following routine requirements. All the equipment including ACs and ducts has been taken from trustworthy and authorized dealers with a strong market value.

Access Control

The company has distributed the area according to its usage and it also has a provision to keep limited entry for specific areas. As required, there are also provisions for 100 per cent access control on the floor. However, the company is keen to meet the needs and requirements and install and maintain the equipment on the demand which is not inclusive in the standard package.


The entire floor is secured by all means. Keeping in mind safety and security of employees, the company has hired skilled security personnel. Each and every corner of premise is under observation and continuously monitored by CCTV cameras.

Facility Administration

There is a dedicated administration team who looks after each and every requirement of its employees. To ensure the needs and requirements of employees, training and workshops are always conducted by the company. A HR team is also on work that discusses problems on personal and professional fronts of the employees and offers practical and valuable suggestions.