Management Team

Our Leaders

At PCITS WE believe, human beings are the core assets to the company. That’s why we are led by an intense and happy bunch who have a track record of guaranteed success.

They are here because they see all want to make it a great company with amazing delivery of unparalleled productivity to our client, and with lot of room for innovation.

Arindam Ghosh

Director and Co-Founder

Arindam Ghosh is regarded as one of “the Pioneer” in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry in India.

Early successes in 1989 included selling encyclopedias and “Tell Me Why” books, he did door to door Sales in 42 degree Delhi summer.

Then tissue paper, cooking oil, chocolates, washing powder to washing machine.

Since 1996 he has played an important role in Remote Processing of Services from mainly North American to India.

He has directly enabled over 14,000 new jobs in India for international and domestic business.

In 2009 he started PCS Group, under Arindam’s leadership PCITS Pvt. Ltd. has grown to over 700 associates serving over multiple clients around the globe.

Prior to he has worked in senior positions in Zee, Inox and HCL.

He is a very passionate thinker and also loves to give lectures at top MBA colleges.

Sachin Gupta

Director and Co-Founder

As a Director @ PCITS, Sachin is directly responsible for all client activities including client acquisition, client communication and support. He takes deep interest in building company’s financial portfolio and business expansion including infrastructure and manpower expansion of the company.

Born in the holy city, Haridwar in the lapse of the Himalayas, he comes in with gross Indian cultural values at the core of his intellect, while growing up in other cities like Lucknow and New Delhi, has also walked through different regional walks of life and thereafter working with various global customers at Spectramind (now Wipro) and EXL Services, could embed his core cultural values and experiences with the global learnings and studies. This makes him a perfect blend for all geographies. A cocktail!

Sachin, helped various start-up ventures back in 2004 by starting incubation and business centers and ran them successfully for years before swiftly sliding into the core Infra leasing business with 360 degree service concept. There he worked closely with various Indian, American and Russian conglomerates like Syntel Inc., Gallup Inc., Synova Innovative Technologies, Seismic Solutions etc.

In 2010, Sachin Co-founded Premium Customer IT Services Pvt. Ltd. and dedicated all his experience, knowledge and associations to it. It is his sheer passion towards getting clients and opening up new ventures year on year, that the company steered north all the times. From starting the company at a rented premise, he firmly got all its operations shifted to a company’s owned premises. A must mention is that PCITS indeed now rents outs many of its self-owned properties to various IT companies. He went onto set up the a sister concern in Singapore and named it PCITS Pte. Ltd. which today is the marketing office of the company. A real disrupter, he never sat silent and it was his belief in the talent and scope in the tier 2 cities that he could negotiate with the clients from various global countries to run their businesses from these geographies. Today our customers are more happy to be served from cities like Dehradun and Lucknow and most of the company’s revenue comes from Tier 2 cities. He believes that it has been an organic growth as he looks back however it has not been this calm as it looks now.

Today from his chair, he looks after more than 700 employees directly and indirectly at 7 different locations across India and Singapore while maintaining his seamless communications with all the clients of the company and his drive for the business expansion and a better business portfolio ,even after his rigorous two decades of beings on professional foot, remains unending.

Off work, he follows spirituality, is a regular on meditation, loves to travel across the world and ensures to spend time with his family.



Financial Advisor

With an 18+ years experience in finance, administration and operations experience for public and private sector companies in the electronics services, software industries.

He is a Chartered Accountant who also holds a Masters Degree in Commerce. He also have advised many prestigious firms for financial management such a Maruti, Honda etc.