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To increase productivity within a call center, top managers must understand that they need to combine certain factors to obtain the expected results determined in the strategic plans of the company. An effective call center needs those results to maintain customer loyalty and its position in the market.

In addition, to improve the efficiency and productivity of a call center it is necessary to have the most appropriate technology, optimize the organization of work and motivate teams. In this way we will reduce costs and, at the same time, obtain greater customer satisfaction.

How to improve efficiency and productivity

Among the main points within that sum of aspects to analyze to achieve a growth in the productivity of the call center, appear:

  • Motivated and committed staff with the call center company. Beyond the different objectives of each work team or individually of an agent, the fulfillment of tasks is completely different from being satisfied in their positions.
  • Constant training to keep employees updated on the use of the latest call center technologies.
  • Making analysis of the jobs for a correct disposition of the employees according to the function where they perform best.
  • Applying the formal procedures and rules to maintain the company’s focus on the main objective of satisfying its customers.
  • Use of specific software tools for call center, to solve in a practical and agile way the different problems.
  • Making the provision of an adequate environment that benefits the performance of the tasks by the staff. Also, offer the option of remote work, if the company is able to carry it forward.

Improvements in work processes

In work processes, it is important to give more autonomy to the agents of the call center, as well as flexibility and responsibility. This will avoid the transfer of calls to other departments, thus optimizing time and resources, and improve motivation and commitment. Mark more specific tasks to each agent so you can do them in small fractions of time, and thus take advantage of the many downtimes of your day.

Improvements in the human resource management of a call center

In this sense, the participation of call center agents in decision-making should be increased. In this way, we will provide solutions or real problems, detected in the day to day, and we will improve the commitment, involvement, and satisfaction of the agents.

Customer satisfaction

The jewel in the crown and the core of the call center service is customer satisfaction, key to loyalty and increase the chances of repeat purchases. But its importance also refers to the internal client, since recent studies show that there is a correlation between customer satisfaction and that of call center professionals.

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